Horatio Alger Association Collegiate Partners Program

The Horatio Alger Association Collegiate Partners Program is a consortium of colleges and universities who formally share the Association’s mission and goals to provide financial assistance and support to deserving young people who have demonstrated financial need, integrity, determination in overcoming personal adversity, and a commitment to making a contribution to society.

Specifically, Collegiate Partner institutions agree to match the Horatio Alger scholarship funds awarded to individual students annually with institutional aid. When possible, consideration for awarding institutional financial aid packages includes reducing the amount of loan indebtedness incurred by a Horatio Alger Scholar.

The goals of the Collegiate Partners Program:

  • Support successful first-year matriculation
  • Improve low-income student retention
  • Enhance the potential for academic and personal achievement of Horatio Alger Scholars at the college or university of their choice

The program seeks to realize these goals by:

  • Reducing out-of-pocket college costs by maximizing available institutional aid
  • Preparing students to develop independent goals and expectation for college success
  • Minimizing post graduation debt
  • Encouraging Scholars to access campus support resources
  • Promoting Scholar matriculation to Collegiate Partner institutions

For more information about the Collegiate Partners program, please contact us programs@horatioalger.org.