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1967 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Carl E. Anderson*

Former Chairman
E.W. Bliss Company

"Always do the right thing."

Carl Anderson was adopted by a Swedish family when he was an infant. He sold home-grown vegetables door-to-door, raised chickens, and worked as office boy at Westinghouse. After high school, he took a job in a steel-fabricating plant to earn tuition at Indiana State College in Pennsylvania. Due to financial difficulties, he left school after one year and was hired by Westinghouse for a position in production planning. He then went to E. R. Squibb, where he became vice president and general manager of domestic plants. He went on to serve as vice president of manufacturing for Revlon Corporation. In 1959, he joined Ebasco Services. He became president of E. W. Bliss in 1961, and, three years later, became its chairman.

* Deceased