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1965 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Paul Carnahan*

Chairman of the Board
National Steel Corporation

"My formula for success is hard work, ambition, and a belief in the American system of opportunity."

Born in Racine, Ohio, Paul Carnahan was orphaned at age 14. He moved to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, as a child and went to work at age 16 as a collector for an insurance company. Subsequently, he worked as a substation attendant for a traction company. Carnahan got his start in the steel industry at Bethlehem Steel Corporation. In 1933, he joined Great Lakes Steel Corporation as an operator in the mill. His ability and determination to succeed were apparent and promotions followed rapidly. In 10 years, he became mill superintendent. By 1954, he was president of Great Lakes Steel Corporation. He was National Steel's president from 1961 to late 1963, before becoming its vice chairman. He was named chairman and CEO in November 1964.

* Deceased