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1976 Horatio Alger Award Winner

J.M. Haggar Sr.*

Founder & Honorary Chairman
Haggar Company

"I tried to be fair in all my dealings."

In 1906, J. M. Haggar, Sr., who was born in Lebanon, visited an uncle in Mexico City. On his return journey, at a stopover in New Orleans, Haggar decided to stay in the United States. He moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked as a salesman for the wholesale firm of Ely and Walker. After marrying and parenting one child, Haggar settled his family in Dallas, Texas, where he worked for the Oberman Pant Company. In 1927, Haggar began his own company, mass-producing fine pants at popular prices, using assembly-line methods, patterned after those developed by Henry Ford. Instead of using denim or other work fabrics, Haggar bought the ends of suit materials and made a new kind of dress pants he called "slacks." His company expanded rapidly. Although Haggar never had a formal education, he contributed to the University of Notre Dame and the building of Haggar Hall.

* Deceased