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1984 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Paula D. Hughes*

First Vice President-Director
Thomson McKinnon Securities, Inc.

"To give never impoverishes, but actually enriches."

Paula Hughes was born in 1931 at the beginning of the Depression. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she sold secondhand articles from a sidewalk stand to pay for voice lessons. She babysat to earn money for clothes. Married at age 17, she soon became pregnant. Divorced by age 20, Hughes realized her secretarial salary wouldn't be enough to support herself and her daughter, so she took a sales job with Brown & Bigelow selling corporate advertising items. Of Brown & Bigelow's 2,400 employees, Hughes was the only woman on the sales force and was their top sales person when she left the company eight years later. During this time, she had become interested in the stock market. In 1962, she became a registered broker with Shields & Company. Later she became vice president of Thomson McKinnon Securities, Inc., and earned the title "First Lady of Wall Street." Hughes contributed to innumerable charities, donating her time, talent, and resources.

* Deceased