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1975 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Herbert J. Stiefel*

President and CEO
Stiefel/Raymond Marketing, Inc.

"Success in life is measured by personal happiness rather than personal reward."

Herbert Stiefel was born and spent his childhood in a tenement in New York City. His father worked as a part-time butcher and tailor. Because his parents spoke German at home, he knew little English until he began learning it in school. Shortly after beginning high school, he was forced to quit and find work to help support the family. He found a job as a messenger at an art studio. He was promoted to inside office boy, where he learned about art techniques and took free life-drawing courses. He worked for a department store as an advertising manager before being drafted into the Army in 1942. During World War II, he earned 11 decorations. After returning home, he took a job as a layout artist and assistant account executive in a small New York advertising agency. Later, he moved to a larger agency, where he assumed account executive responsibilities and eventually the role of president. In 1966, Stiefel and a partner opened their own agency. After two years, he bought out his partner and became the principal stockholder in Stiefel-Raymond Advertising, Inc. Stiefel was actively involved in international marketing. He was appointed to the European Economic Council by President Nixon, and became a member of the Regional Export Expansion Council of the U. S. Department of Commerce. Stiefel founded the Greenwich Student Loan Fund and the Greenwich Art Barn.

* Deceased