About the Horatio Alger Association

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. bears the name of renowned author Horatio Alger, whose tales of overcoming adversity through unyielding perseverance and basic moral principles captivated the public in the late 19th century. The Association, established in 1947, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organization founded to dispel the mounting belief among the nation's youth that the American Dream was no longer attainable. Today, the Association continues to educate our nation's young people about the economic and personal opportunities afforded them by the promise of the American free enterprise system and also provide financial assistance to young people in pursuit of their goals.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is dedicated to the simple but powerful belief that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer all obstacles. The Association is committed to upholding its over half-century old educational mission to provide scholarship assistance to deserving young people who have demonstrated integrity and determination in overcoming adversity in their lives and who have shown the academic potential and personal aspirations to make a unique contribution to society. Further, the Association resolves to mentor scholarship recipients and educate youth about the limitless possibilities that are available through the American free enterprise system, while underscoring the importance of service to others.

The foundation of the Association is a membership of over five hundred Horatio Alger Award recipients who serve as role models to its Scholars as well as all American youth. Members represent all walks of American life and have made outstanding contributions in the fields of science, medicine, business, entertainment, athletics, law and jurisprudence, religion, education and the arts. These men and women are bonded by parallel histories of triumph over early obstacles to reach a level of exemplary achievement while maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. Members also exemplify the importance of service to others by contributing millions of dollars each year to fund Association scholarships. The members of the Association work to directly provide promising young people with the support, education and confidence needed to realize their aspirations. Each year, the Association brings the "Horatio Alger heroes" of today together with those of tomorrow by hosting the Horatio Alger Award Ceremonies in conjunction with National Scholars Conference in Washington, D.C.