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1952 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Milton S. Eisenhower*

Pennsylvania State University

"Start your life with a good education and you will be successful."

Milton Eisenhower, the brother of President Dwight Eisenhower, grew up in the small community of Abilene, Kansas. He and his siblings performed regular chores and found odd jobs in the village. He was city editor of the Abilene Daily-Reflector even before completing his studies in industrial journalism at Kansas State College in 1924. He served his country as the American vice consul in Edinburgh, Scotland, and also helped reorganize the Department of Agriculture. In 1943, he returned to his alma mater to serve as president of Kansas State for seven years. In 1950 he became the 11th president of Pennsylvania State College. Eisenhower took the school to university status in 1953. Under his guidance, the school of business administration was established. In 1956, he became president of Johns Hopkins University. While there, he was responsible for bringing the school's books, journals, and scholarly papers under one roof, as the Milton S. Eisenhower Library.

* Deceased