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1975 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Ronald V. Markham

American Gold Mining Corporation

"To be successful, you must be willing to put in time and effort."

Ronald Markham was born in 1928, in Toronto, Canada. His parents struggled through the Depression to support their four sons. At the age of 13, Markham went to work in a machine shop, earning 10 cents an hour. After high school graduation, he jumped from job to job. He worked on an assembly line in an optical manufacturing plant and later at a logging camp. By this time, Markham realized he needed to learn all he could about mining, the career path he wanted to pursue. Twenty mining firms turned him down before he got some financial backing with Cyprus Mines Corporation. He later worked at Silver Titan Mines, Ltd. Markham was co-founder of Anvil Mining Corporation, located in Yukon Territory, which in 1977 was the world's largest lead-zinc-silver producer. In 1981, Anvil sold the mine to Anglo American Corporation (the world's largest mining company) for $400 million, a return of 125 times to the original shareholders.