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1992 Horatio Alger Award Winner

James W. Rouse*

Founder and Chairman
The Enterprise Foundation

"Whatever ought to be, can be."

James Rouse was born in Easton, Maryland. He grew up the youngest in a family of six children and lost both of his parents when he was 16. After his parents' death, he hitchhiked across the country and booked steerage on a ship to Honolulu to live near his sister. A year later, he obtained a scholarship from the University of Virginia, but with the Depression at its height, he decided instead to go to Baltimore, where he could attend law school at night and work during the day. He found a job parking cars in a garage. After jobs with the Federal Housing Administration and the Title Guaranteed Company, Rouse began a mortgage banking business, which became The Rouse Company, a real estate development firm. The company built Columbia, Maryland, revitalized Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. and built Harborplace along Baltimore's inner harbor. Among other accomplishments in government, he was a member of Eisenhower's Advisory Committee on Housing in 1953, a member of President Reagan's Task Force on Private Sector Initiative, and chairman of the National Housing Task Force.

* Deceased