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1960 Horatio Alger Award Winner

James A. Ryder*

Automotive Answer, Inc.

"The most important thing is your self-respect. It doesn't matter what people think about you, but what you think about yourself."

Born in 1913 in Columbus, Ohio, James Ryder moved to Miami at the age of six. As a teenager, he worked in construction. Later, he began hauling concrete, which led to buying a $35 Model A Ford truck and starting a trucking business. From that early venture, he built his business into the world's largest truck leasing and transportation company. By 1973, sales neared $500 million. Today, Ryder Systems is worth $6 billion. In 1978, Ryder retired from his company and a short time later organized a new company, Jartran, Inc., an acronym for James A. Ryder Transportation, which became the fastest-growing rent-a-truck firm in the history of the business.

* Deceased