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1963 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Charles R. Anthony*

C.R. Anthony Company

"Prepare yourself for opportunities through education and hard work."

Charles Anthony was born in Tennessee. The son of tenant farmers, he was orphaned at age 12, quit school, and worked as a farmhand, a teamster, and a janitor. After saving $25, he moved to the Indian Territory of Holdenville (now Oklahoma). With only $2 of his savings left, he got a job in a general store that offered no salary, but earned him food and a bed in a barn. A determined young man, he enrolled in a Holdenville business college. His first two business ventures ended in failure, but his third, in 1922, resulted in the present C. R. Anthony Company. In 1963, Anthony's company, comprising 268 stores in 20 states, grossed $20 million. Anthony devoted much of his time and effort to civic projects. He established Oklahoma City's United Fund and developed Camp Classen, a YMCA camp.

* Deceased