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1947 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Kenneth Beebe*

Horatio Alger Awards Committee

"This country needs a new birth of the philosophy and spirit of Horatio Alger, whose books showed that youth could rise from humble beginnings to outstanding achievement and service."

Kenneth Beebe was raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. He worked his way through the University of Illinois by selling "memory books." He graduated in 1913 with a degree in educational counseling and then went to work for the American Schools and Colleges Association, an organization founded by his older brother, Vernon. Beebe opened a branch office for the firm in New York City at the newly opened Rockefeller Center. In 1946, at a time when Beebe felt young people needed inspiration to work toward the American dream, he presented two awards to Americans who had done so. The following year, he aligned his awards with Horatio Alger, Jr., the 19th century writer whose books embodied the American "rags to riches" theme. He incorporated the Horatio Alger Awards Committee in 1951 and served as president from that time until his death in 1970.

* Deceased