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1972 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Lee Smith Bickmore*

Former Chairman
Nabisco, Inc.

"I started as a shipping clerk and became CEO of a major corporation-that could only happen in America."

Lee Smith Bickmore, one of a family of nine children, was born in Paradise, Utah. He worked on the family farm throughout his early life. At age 17, he left home and worked in a retail store to support his studies at Utah State College at Logan. After graduation, Bickmore worked several more years in retail before joining Nabisco as a salesman in Pocatello, Idaho. After only two months, he was laid off in a staff reduction. For nine months, he sold shoes, unloaded freight cars, and reminded Nabisco that he was still interested. The company re-hired him as a shipping clerk earning $15 a week. Ultimately, Bickmore became CEO of the billion-dollar food-processing firm.

* Deceased