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1983 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Benjy F. Brooks*

Senior Lecturer in Ethics & Leadership/University of Texas at Tyler
Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Surgery/University of Texas at Houston

"Our children should be considered our greatest natural resource and asset, and we should take better care of them."

Born in 1928 in the northern Texas town of Lewisville, Benjy Brooks moved with her parents to Oklahoma at a young age. From age four, she wanted to be a doctor. She worked her way through North Texas State University and graduated at 19. She completed medical school at the University of Texas and did her pediatric surgical training at the Harvard Medical School. She returned to Texas in 1958 and became that state's first pediatric surgeon. In 1973, she became a full professor at the University of Texas Medical School, where for 10 years she headed the Division of Pediatric Surgery. She received scores of awards, including distinguished alumni awards from the UT Medical Branch. She was inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame in 1985. The Benjy Brooks Foundation for Children, Inc., was established in her honor by the grateful parents of one of her patients to advance the surgical care of children in Texas.

* Deceased