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1958 Horatio Alger Award Winner

J.H. Carmichael*

Former Chairman
Capital Airlines

"Work at something you love doing."

J. H. Carmichael was a Michigan farm boy when he decided to make aviation his career. In 1926, at the age of 19, young "Slim" Carmichael went to Chicago to take flying lessons. After only six hours of solo flight, he qualified as an instructor, and worked for a time as a teacher. He then became an airmail pilot, stunt flyer, crop duster, and barnstormer. Eventually, he settled down as an airline pilot and became chief pilot of Central Airlines. Carmichael's enthusiasm for flying and the "air age" never waned, and he became Central's vice president in charge of operations. In 1946, he was made executive vice president and later became president of the company, which by then was called Capital Air Lines. By 1957, Capital had become one of the nation's leading airlines with approximately 7,500 employees and annual revenue slightly over $94 million.

* Deceased