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1976 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Roy J. Carver*

Chairman and Founder
Bandag, Inc.

"My life was a quest for quality-in workmanship, associates, and performance."

Roy Carver was one of four children. His father drilled wheels, sold pumps, and served as a Mercer County, Illinois, supervisor to support his family. Carver's early jobs included a paper route and working at a Ford Motor Company lab after school. A straight-A student, he was awarded a four-year scholarship to the University of Illinois. He graduated with a degree in engineering and began work as a technical assistant to State of Illinois purchasing officials. One of the products he evaluated was self-priming pumps. Convinced he could build one better than any other on the market, he quit his job and invested his small savings into building his version. With the onset of World War II, Carver received his first large order from the British. When the United States entered the war, they also purchased his pumps. Later, he formed Carver Foundry Products, introducing new European techniques to the United States market. In 1956, he purchased the U. S. rights to produce Bandag retread tires. The quality of his retread tires upgraded the standards of the entire industry.

* Deceased