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1965 Horatio Alger Award Winner

R. Carl Chandler*

Standard Packaging Company

"Success in life comes from hard work, high moral standards, and involvement in communal affairs."

R. Carl Chandler worked in a grocery store after school while maintaining an A average in his schoolwork. He was class president, valedictorian, best all-around bandsman, and won a statewide oratorical contest sponsored by the Baptist Church. During college at Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Atlanta Law School, he competed in boxing, football, and debate. After serving as a naval officer in nine major invasions in the Pacific during World War II, he began work with the Mead-Atlanta Paper Company and the Union Bag-Camp Corporation. He was vice president in charge of sales when he left Union Bag to become chairman of Standard Packaging in 1955. In 10 years, he expanded this highly diversified company from 6 divisions with sales of $24 million to 27 divisions and sales exceeding $154 million.

* Deceased