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1970 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Harry F. Chaddick*

Harry F. Chaddick Associates

"You've got to work day and night, seven days a week."

Harry F. Chaddick grew up as a poor boy in a family of nine on Chicago's West Side. He left grammar school at age 14. His parents obtained a working certificate for him and dropped him off on a street corner in Chicago's Loop with instructions to find work. He secured a job at $8 a week as an errand boy in a drug store chain. He worked hard during the day, and at night he went to school to study business administration. He entered the trucking business using an ancient rig that he drove himself. He built this business into one of the nation's largest motor freight companies. Turning to real estate at age 62, Chaddick was one of Chicago's most dynamic developers, with over $250 million projects to his credit within the City of Chicago. Chaddick was the author of zoning ordinances that now serve as a model for cities.

* Deceased