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1956 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Armando Conti*

Former President
Trenton Beverage Co.

"I feel it is important to do all we can to help youth."

At the age of 16, Armando Conti left his native town of San Giacomo, Italy. When he arrived in the United States, he was sent to West Virginia, where he worked in a coal mine while studying English at night. Seven years later, he went to Trenton, New Jersey, where he worked for an automobile sales agency. Several years later, he opened his own agency, which he eventually sold. Conti joined the newly organized Trenton Beverage Company as a sales executive. Within three years, he became the company's president. During World War II, under Conti's able direction, the beverage company sold more than $5 million in government bonds and was the first business firm to send a private ambulance overseas. Conti later organized the Armcon Corp., a real estate firm, and also Seaboard Excavators Corp.

* Deceased