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1974 Horatio Alger Award Winner

George P. Cullum, Sr.*

Founder & Chairman of the Board
Cullum Construction Company

"We nearly lost everything in the Depression, but through innovative ideas and hard work, we made our business a success."

George P. Cullum, Sr., was born in 1895 into a large, poor family. He completed his education in the 10th grade. To help support himself and his family, he held a variety of odd jobs, including delivering groceries, digging ditches, driving mules, and reading meters. During his early married life, he and his wife traded cows and calves and remodeled and sold houses for a living. In 1922, he entered the construction field with his brother, W. G. Cullum. The Depression left them deeply in debt. However, Cullum was a great innovator and through his ideas and hard work, they were able to overcome their losses and save their customers money at the same time. He served his community as a member of the Rotary Club and as a trustee and member of the board of governors of Southern Methodist University. He was particularly supportive of his church, the County Home for Boys, and the Texas Society for Crippled Children and Adults.

* Deceased