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1961 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Richard Prentice Ettinger*

Prentice-Hall, Inc.

"Nurture your ideas and dreams."

A brilliant student, Richard Ettinger graduated from a New York City high school at an early age and went on to earn a law degree from New York University by the time he was 18. Too young to take the bar exam, he took a $4-a-day job in the law offices of C. W. Gerstenberg and taught finance at NYU. In 1913, Gerstenberg wrote a book entitled Materials of Corporation Finance and was anxious to get it published. At the same time, Ettinger felt a need for better textbooks at the college level. He and Gerstenberg formed Prentice-Hall, Inc. to publish the book. Neither of them had capital, but Ettinger found a printer who was willing to publish the book on credit. The young company not only paid its debts but was able to finance further growth. Today, Prentice-Hall is the world's leading publisher of academic, business, and professional textbooks.

* Deceased