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1959 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Alfred L. Hammell*

Railway Express Agency, Inc.

"Believe in yourself and others will follow your example."

Alfred Hammell was born in modest circumstances in El Dorado, California, and had to forgo his formal education before finishing his sophomore year in high school. He spent two years helping the family income by panning for gold on a practically worthless mining claim owned by relatives. He eventually had to give up this venture and took a job as a baggage handler for Wells Fargo in its San Francisco office. He worked his way up the ladder and served in posts throughout the western United States. Railway Express succeeded Wells Fargo in 1918, and Hammell stayed on to become general manager in Boston, then vice president in San Francisco and Chicago, then executive vice president in New York. In 1949, he was named president and chairman.

* Deceased