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1958 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Milton G. Hulme*

Hulme, Applegate & Huphrey, Inc.

"For me, success came because I worked hard and had a thirst for knowledge."

Milton Hulme started a career as a railroad brakeman when he was 16 to help bolster his family's modest income. After a short time, he was laid off and took whatever work he could find. He was a store clerk, a laborer in a rubber factory, and an assistant to an insurance adjuster. Although his formal education was limited, Hulme was fascinated by the securities business and took a job as a "board boy" at less pay to learn while he worked. He chalked prices on a blackboard in Glover & MacGregor's customer's room and after work studied circulars and annual reports. His hard work and thirst for knowledge impressed his superiors, and he was promoted rapidly. Eventually he became president of the brokerage firm. He later organized Hulme, Applegate & Humphrey and built it into one of the most successful investment banking houses in the country. In addition, he directed 21 companies throughout the United States.

* Deceased