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1967 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Ewing Marion Kauffman*

Chairman Emeritus
Marion Merrell Dow Inc.

"He who produces should share in the profits."

Ewing Kauffman was born in Missouri in 1916. In his youth, he sold fish and eggs door to door. He worked through high school and junior college driving a laundry truck. He served in the Navy during World War II, then worked six years as a pharmaceutical salesman. In 1950, he founded Marion Laboratories, Inc., which he began with a $4,500 investment. Initially he operated his company from the basement of his home. Later, Marion Laboratories merged with Merrell Dow pharmaceuticals, and Kauffman served as chairman of the new company. In 1968, Kauffman bought the Kansas City Royals baseball team. He remained the owner of the team until his death in 1993. During his ownership, the team won six division titles, two league championships, and a World Series Championship (in 1985). Shortly before his death, the Royals Stadium was renamed Kauffman Stadium in his honor.

* Deceased