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1960 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Garvice David Kincaid*

Bankers and Securities, Inc.

"I've taken risks in my life, but they were backed with knowledge and confidence."

Garvice Kincaid sold newspapers and hustled for any kind of odd job as a youth in his home state of Kentucky. By the time he graduated from high school, he had saved enough money to start at the University of Kentucky. While a student, he continued to work and was able to borrow $1,500 to buy three small houses at an auction. He sold them all at a profit and used the money to stay in school to earn his law degree. After graduation, he practiced law, but the real estate business fascinated the young attorney, and within the next four years, he bought and sold several hundred properties. With his profits, he began to expand his interests. He bought a small finance company and later a bank. From his headquarters in Lexington, he obtained control of two finance companies with more than 50 offices, 16 banks, two insurance companies, and several hotels and commercial buildings.

* Deceased