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1967 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Robert F. McCune, P.E.*

Robert F. McCune Associates, Inc.

"Hard work, constant study, and dogged determination got me where I wanted to go."

When he was five years old, Robert McCune helped his mother pick up chunks of coal along the railroad tracks for fuel. When he was 10, he peddled home-grown vegetables with a horse and wagon. He also earned money caring for a herd of dairy cows. His climb to engineering fame began in 1924 while working with a survey crew. When he was 19, he enrolled in correspondence school for technical education. To finance business college studies, he worked as a janitor and clerk in a retail hardware store for 28 cents an hour. Hard work earned him a worldwide reputation for getting things done. With 30,000 construction workers and 2,000 engineers under his direction, McCune saw that Missouri's sixth largest city, Ft. Leonard Wood, was completed in five months. The Madison Square Garden sports complex, where he served as chief construction supervisor for Charles Luckman Associates, is another great monument to a thrilling American success story.

* Deceased