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1962 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Clarence R. Moll*

President Emeritus
Widener University

"Always go the extra mile."

The son of a farmer, Clarence Moll grew up in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His home was so remote he had to walk two miles to a train station, and then board a train that took him the rest of the way to school. A good student, Moll attended Temple University, where he earned a degree in physics. He went on to earn a doctorate in statistical measurement and higher education administration.

Moll joined the faculty and administration of Pennsylvania Military College in Chester, 10 miles outside Philadelphia. In 1959, after 16 years with the college, he was appointed president. He successfully guided the urban campus through an expansion program that increased its size from 25 to 92 acres, and eventually presided over the military school's transition to becoming a private coeducational school called Widener College. By the time Moll retired, Widener had become a university with a law school and doctoral programs in education and nursing, as well as a large MBA enrollment.

Moll's advice to young people was to have a dream. "Keep your eyes and thoughts on the morrow," he said, "and be constantly striving to be at the cutting edge by adjusting your dream to change. Throughout life, the only constant I've known is change. Be ready to create change, accept it, and cope with it."

Moll said he always tried to give more than was expected. "You must put honor, integrity, and ethical values above personal gain." Moll believed that his induction into the Association reinforced his belief that even those who experience privation in youth can, by maximizing their talents, achieve success and acclaim.

* Deceased