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1959 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Charles F. Noyes*

Charles F. Noyes Company, Inc.

"You can achieve the heights of success through hard work and determination."

Charles Noyes started his career as a newspaper delivery boy at the age of nine. Within three years, he had acquired newsstand concessions on steamers running between Block Island and New London, Connecticut. He became a junior partner in a small New York real estate firm at the age of 20. When the firm was dissolved a few years later, Noyes went into business for himself. Through hard work and determination, he built the Charles F. Noyes Company into one of the leading real estate brokerage firms in the United States. In 1948, he received the top award from the Real Estate Board of New York for the "most ingenious real estate transaction of the year." In 1951, he and his company associates were the brokers in the sale of the world-famous 102-story Empire State Building. In his 80s, he worked a 12-hour day, a long-standing habit that the "Dean of Real Estate Brokers" considered an indispensable part of his formula for success.

* Deceased