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1972 Horatio Alger Award Winner

James R. Price*

Chairman of the Board
National Homes Corporation

"Build your small dreams first to make your big dreams come true later in life."

James Price grew up on his family farm, where he helped to milk the cows and harness the horses from the time he was six. When he was 20, Price began working as a clerk with the state bank. Within 30 days, he managed the bank's real estate division and was responsible for the sale and purchase of more than 800 farms. In 1940, Price, with his brother, borrowed $10,500 to found a company that built industrialized housing. The company, National Homes Corporation, went on to become the nation's largest and most successful producer of factory-built homes. In 32 years, National Homes Corporation produced more than 425,000 houses. Price served as a member of the Task Force on Low-Income Housing and on the Advisory Panel on Timber and the Environment.

* Deceased