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1955 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Frank B. Rackley*

Jessup Steel Company

"Through hard work and zeal, I went from office boy to president of a major corporation in less than 15 years-that's America."

Frank Rackley's first job was that of an office boy at the former Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co., where he earned $13 a week. Soon he was promoted to the job of sales clerk in Milwaukee. While there, he earned $185 a month and sent $100 of it home to help his family. Before he was 30, Rackley was moved to Chicago and made western sales manager in the Stainless Steel Division. He later became sales manager of the failing, debt-ridden Jessop Steel Co. Under his aggressive direction, sales began to soar. In 1950, just 17 years after he started to work as an office boy, Rackley was made president of Jessop. At the age of 33, he was the youngest steel company president in the country.

* Deceased