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1970 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Harold J. Richards*

President and Chairman
Fidelity Bankers Life Insurance Company

"To be a success, you sometimes have to make sacrifices."

Harold Richards was born to American parents on a banana plantation in Nicaragua in 1925. He moved to New Orleans, but dropped out of high school to work as a longshoreman before joining the Army Air Corps. In the Army, he flew 16 combat missions over Japan as a B-29 navigator. After the war, he passed high school completion tests and enrolled in Loyola of the South in New Orleans. He completed all of his accounting courses and moved to Richmond, Virginia. He completing four years of accounting with A. M. Pullen & Co., and became a certified public accountant. In 1953, at age 28, he became the first employee of the new Fidelity Bankers Life Insurance Company of Richmond, Virginia. In the ensuing 15 years, Fidelity became one of the largest insurance holding companies in the United States, controlling more than $4.5 billion of life insurance and assets of more than $500 million.

* Deceased