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1968 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Margaret Durham Robey*

Southern Seminary and Junior College

"Education is the key to a successful life."

Margaret Durham Robey took care of her ailing mother while getting an education. She earned an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a master's degree from the University of Virginia. Having made sacrifices and moves in search of health for her mother, she and her father took the opportunity to buy a small boarding school in Virginia with borrowed money. For years, it was a struggle to build up the school, but Southern Seminary became a fully accredited two-year college for women with a large endowment and a beautiful campus. Margaret Robey was president of Southern Seminary for 25 years. Her husband, H. Russell Robey, was treasurer and business manager. In 1958, the Robeys gave Southern Seminary to a non-profit board of control and worked for the school without remuneration. Today, the school is known as Southern Virginia University.

* Deceased