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1951 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Frank C. Russell*

Rusco Industries

"Explore all your options until you find a solution."

Born in 1899 in Toledo, Ohio, Frank Russell went to work at the age of nine, following his father's death. He sold newspapers, clerked in a store, and hawked vegetables from a peddler's cart. In the summer, he worked as a bus boy in a resort hotel. By age 16, he was the youngest manager of the Commodore Hotel in Ohio, which he bought before he discovered its bankrupt status. He then went to work as a traveling salesman. In 1925, he organized the National Felt Insulation Company. Following the stock market crash in 1929, he sold partial interest in the company and joined Standard Lime and Stone Company. In 1937, he established F. C. Russell Company in Cleveland. It became the world's largest manufacturer of metal combination screen and storm windows. An ardent yachtsman, he founded the Great Oak Lodge, a private yacht and country club on the Chesapeake Bay.

* Deceased