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1954 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Andrew B. Shea*

Pan American Grace Airlines

"I knew what I wanted and I pursued it until I got it."

Andrew Shea attended Fordham University and then joined the legal department at W. R. Grace & Co. He worked in the Import and Trading Department and later was transferred to the management staff of the Lima House, becoming its manager in 1936. During this time, he handled the firm's multiple interests, including textile mills, sugar refineries, paper and flour mills, factories, and merchandising businesses, as well as the affairs of the Grace Line and Panagra. He returned to the United States in 1939 as vice president and was then made director and first vice president. He eventually became president of Panagra, an airline that carried American aviation farther than it had ever been before. Panagra had accomplished the pioneering job of linking the Americas from the United States to Argentina with a direct, regularly scheduled passenger, mail, and freight service.

* Deceased