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1963 Horatio Alger Award Winner

R. Perry Shorts*

Chairman of the Board
Second National Bank of Saginaw

"Embrace the opportunities that come your way."

R. Perry Shorts was the son of a Methodist minister whose modest salary was barely enough to rear a family of five children. While still in high school, Shorts sold newspapers and clerked in a newsstand to supplement his family's income. He worked his way through teachers' college (now Central Michigan University) as a factory worker and later earned his law degree from the University of Michigan. In 1921, Shorts was a highly successful practicing attorney when he became vice president and director of Second National Bank. He served as president from 1929 to 1957, and was named chairman in 1963. Under his management, the bank's assets increased from $17.5 million to over $125 million. Shorts was also a director of the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, the National Bank of Detroit, the Michigan Bean Company, and Michigan Sugar Company. He was a regent of the University of Michigan.

* Deceased