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1963 Horatio Alger Award Winner

W. Clement Stone*

Chairman Emeritus
Aon Corporation

"I suggest that a person engage in a certain amount of thinking time. When you determine what your goal is going to be, keep your mind on that goal."

Born in Chicago in 1902, Clem Stone was three when his father died. At six, he began selling newspapers to help support himself and his mother. He also read novels by Horatio Alger, picturing himself as the youngsters who overcame adversity. Selling insurance at 16, he dropped out of school to work full time, and later received his diploma by taking classes at night. In the late 1920s, Stone began the Combined Insurance Company of America and had more than 1,000 agents working for him by 1930. By 1979, his company exceeded $1 billion in assets. Today, Combined Insurance is a subsidiary of Aon Corporation, one of the largest insurance, brokerage, and consulting firms in the world. Stone wrote several books about the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude.

* Deceased