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1974 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Frederic Whitaker*

Audubon Artists

"Look for beauty wherever you go and you can usually find it."

The son of English immigrant parents, Frederic Whitaker was born in 1891 in Providence, Rhode Island. His father worked as a silversmith to support his wife and four sons. At age 14, Whitaker worked 60 hours a week in a fireworks factory. After a series of jobs, he became an apprentice in a metalwork designing room and went on to become a designer for Gorham silversmiths and for Tiffany. He attempted several unsuccessful independent business ventures before succeeding in the distribution of religious articles. He established New York and Chicago offices for his business, which his sons took over upon his retirement in 1948. During retirement, he pursued his interests in the fine arts and painting. In 1943, he founded Audubon Artists, Inc., and the Council of American Artist Societies in 1961. He served for seven years as the president of the American Watercolor Society. His artwork is represented in 32 museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He wrote two books of art instruction and was the subject of Frederick Whitaker by Janice Lovoos. Whitaker's work won more than 150 exhibition prizes, and he was awarded medals for service to the arts.

* Deceased