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1965 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Harry Winokur*

Founder and Chairman of the Board
Mister Donut of America

"You've got to have a dream. Once you decide on what you want to do, you have to work hard and devote yourself to fulfilling your dream."

Harry Winokur was one of four sons from a poor family in Boston, Massachusetts. At eight, he began working in his father's grocery store and later also sold newspapers. After graduating from high school, he worked while taking correspondence courses and at 25 became a CPA. Seeing opportunities in the food business, he abandoned accounting during World War II and opened a catering business to feed factory workers. Observing that coffee and donuts were popular items, he opened a donut shop in 1949. He built his business into one of the largest chains of drive-in donut shops in the country, with more than 600 Mister Donut shops. After selling the company in 1970, Winokur stayed on to help steer expansion to more than 800, selling millions of donuts daily.

* Deceased