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1966 Horatio Alger Award Winner

Leslie B. Worthington*

President, Retired
U.S. Steel Corporation

"Learn your job, then start lifting your eyes toward the next one."

Born in England in 1902, Leslie Worthington came to America with his mother when he was five. They were joining his father, who had immigrated earlier to work in the coal fields of Illinois. Throughout his school days, Worthington worked mornings, evenings, Saturdays, and summers in a general store. He also worked hard at school. He received one of two county scholarships for full tuition to the University of Illinois. While there, he did a number of odd jobs to cover his expenses.

In 1923, he graduated from college and was recruited by U.S. Steel's subsidiary, South Chicago Works. Beginning as a sales trainee, he quickly rose through the sales ranks in U.S. Steel subsidiaries in Chicago, St. Paul, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. In 1942, he entered general administration, where he served as vice president and later as president of the U.S. Steel Supply Division.

In 1957, Worthington was promoted to the presidency of the Columbia-Geneva Steel Division in San Francisco. Less than three years later, he was appointed to become president and chief administrative officer of U.S. Steel, which was headquartered in Pittsburgh. During his tenure as president, Worthington finished the long process of consolidation begun in 1935, by which U.S. Steel was transformed from a holding company to an operating company.

* Deceased